Schallaburg - The Restaurant

The place for relaxation and conversation where, accompanied by culinary hospitality, your day out becomes a real experience.
Kurt Farasin

    What would culture be without cuisine? The exhibition and culinary delights go hand in hand at Schallaburg Castle: in the guest garden in the middle of the most beautiful terracotta courtyard north of the Alps, you can enjoy the unique atmosphere accompanied by traditional Austrian cuisine featuring seasonal delicacies, pastries and ice cream creations.

    The restaurant caters to your every wish, from breakfast to a stand-up meal, and also provides unforgettable moments at Schallaburg Castle for family celebrations, weddings and events.

    Regionality is a top priority for us. For example, the fresh herbs that garnish our dishes are harvested just a few metres away in the Schallaburg herb garden, while the ice cream specialties come from the Holzgruber pastry shop in St. Leonhard am Forst. The team cooks with love and dedication for our guests, serving delicacies ranging from vegan forest and meadow salad to roast pork with bacon cabbage and dumplings.

    Contact and table reservation
    3382 Schallaburg 1
    T: +43 2754 56530

    Grafische Aufbereitung: Der Hintergrund ist ein blaueingefärbtes Bild der Schallaburg. Darauf platziert sind zwei Saisonkarten der Schallaburg.
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