Schallaburg Castle has stood for culture in the Mostviertel region since 1974. In 2024, we will be celebrating 50 years of exhibitions at Schallaburg Castle with the anniversary exhibition "RENAISSANCE then, now & here". Immerse yourself in the exhibition & programmes in a world of upheaval, scientific exchange and humanist ideals. In the exhibition section you can immerse yourself in the Renaissance before your visit.

Browse through our programme for the exhibition and Schallaburg Castle and plan your trip to Schallaburg Castle.

Gather knowledge, satisfy curiosity, experience Schallaburg Castle

A journey of discovery

After visiting the exhibition, your Schallaburg experience is far from over. Because in the anniversary year, the castle grounds themselves will become an exciting centrepiece: previously locked doors will be opened, hidden paths uncovered and traces of the Renaissance made visible.

Explore the Schallaburg on the guided tour "Settings: From Castle to Palace", explore the Renaissance castle with medieval origins and discover places you have never seen before at Schallaburg Castle. You can also relive the history of Schallaburg Castle in the new Escape Room - entertainingly designed with puzzle fun for the whole group.

Zwei Menschen sitzen im Gastgarten bei Tisch
A little refreshment in between © Rupert Pessl
Relax and read, unwind, catch up on exercise

Enjoying peace and quiet or active recreation?

Get active with SchallaSport badminton in the historic ballroom or shoot a bow and arrow in the Renaissance shooting range. Enjoy the peace and quiet while reading an inspiring book or catalogue in a deckchair and delight in the scents and colours of Schallaburg Castle's paradisiacal garden. There is also plenty to explore around Schallaburg Castle. Forget the stress of the week by getting some exercise while hiking and enjoy the view of the Renaissance castle from various vantage points.

© Rupert Pessl
Have fun, make memories, spend time together

Adventures with the family

Experience a carefree trip as a family and organise your adventure with workshops or discovery tours. How about a joint espionage adventure with historical puzzle fun in the new "Mission: Golden Panther" escape room. A dragon playground, extensive gardens, culture and sport await active families ...

Atmosphere, excitement, joy

Exclusive events

Schallaburg Castle also attracts visitors with exclusive events: Arkadenhof talks on the exhibition "RENAISSANCE once, now & here" and events such as Most & Kultur, KunstWerkTage, the Schmankerlfest and the Christmas market immerse Schallaburg in a very special atmosphere.

Other ways to explore Schallaburg Castle

Excursion as a company or group

Gruppe von Menschen in Gartenanlage der Schallaburg
Das Grüne Herz einer Epoche erkunden. © KB Photography
Person, die vor einer Gruppe eine Grafik auf einem Flipchart präsentiert.
© Barbara Wenz
Sonnenschirme im Großen Arkadenhof auf der Schallaburg bei Sonnenschein
© Rupert Pessl
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Get to know Schallaburg Castle

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