Crafty Hands

16 March to 3 November 2019

With our hands we grasp reality, create new things, and do our daily work.

In 2019, Schallaburg Castle offers a multi-sensory experience showing that a modern world is inconceivable without old and new crafts, without the skills of our hands. Presenting unparalleled masterpieces, inventive tools and exquisitely crafted works, the exhibition turns the spotlight on eminent craftsmen and -women and recalls almost forgotten (hi)stories of life devoted to crafts.

Exhibition team

Contents: Brigitte Felderer, Katrin Ecker
Cultural education: die Ausstellungsmacherinnen
Exhibition design: Michael Wallraff
Graphic design: fuhrer visuelle gestaltung og
Commercial graphics: Perndl+Co Design GmbH and Klaus Pichler


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