We all share the wanderlust!

"Discover with us how many stories are behind the departure into new worlds. Alone or together with your family, you will meet well-known and unknown travelers and world explorers. Take a look behind the scenes to see how the discoverers were feeling and imagine how it was to dare to venture into the distance. Is the distance is on your doorstep, is it undiscovered places in your neighborhood, or is it far, far away without knowing where?

Exciting objects, tell exciting stories: some of which have never been shown before. Outstanding: a cross-section through the research ship Novara, which for the first time reveals a view below deck. Strange: one of the few existing skeletons of the extinct giant bird Dodo, a victim of the early explorers.

We grab you every year, no two exhibitions are the same, there are always surprises. This year it's an escape room. In addition to the exhibition, come in small groups and go on an adventure! On the trail of the “Austro-Hungarian North Pole Expedition” with the famous ship "Tegetthoff", you will experience in several stages how challenging it can be to set off into new worlds.

And what we have worked on a lot: Today our Schallaburg is an inspiring place of wellbeing. Whether colorful armchairs in the garden, loungers in the meadow, archery in what is probably the only original renaissance shooting range – we are a meeting point to relax, to play, or simply to let your mind wander, all in the middle of the former and present paradise garden that the builders of the castle gave us."

We look forward to a reunion!
Kurt Farasin, Artistic Director

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